High School

High School
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Sunday, January 4, 2009


I know it has been awhile.....which has also been repeatedly told to me that I need to post an update. So here are the Hannon Happenings since the last post: Patrick is still working for Kingsville Material managing the Rock Pit. I actually was able to go out and watch the drillers do a blast!! That was so awesome...but how do you not have fun with explosives are involved!! He spends most of his time at work, but when is not at work he spend his time loving us! Savannah: she is now done with football (thank goodness) she is still going to college and doing her high school classes. She is excited to that when she goes back to school because when she does she get to go into rotation at the nursing home for her CNA (Certified Nurses Assistant) requirements. So next year when she graduates will be a big year for her. She is working towards graduating with her high school diploma, Associates Degree and her CNA certification. Haile: She is still cheer leading, she is really enjoying this year, high school has been a good social time for her! She still signs up for activities every chance she get and still maintains high honors! Sara: Is doing very well, she is still in honors band and is excited that she has regionals coming up for band. She is still playing tennis, she has been on break from tennis since the middle of December. Me: I am still working for the bank, still going to school, running a household, and getting the girls to and from where they need to go. Hopefully Savannah will have her license soon.....that's a whole new blog....stupid immigration.... Anyway on a better note, my dad has been down visiting us for a little over a month, and says he is coming back next year for a longer visit. I have really enjoyed him being here. We set up our garage conversion into a bedroom for him. So he has had his own room, TV, Internet, our extra car, an office and meals.....he said that he was never going to check out!! And best of all he hasn't had to shovel any snow! So that is what has been happening in our neck of the woods! Hope everyone had avery Merry Christmas and the best to everyone in 2009!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Count your blessings!

Saturday September 6Th started out like any other Saturday. Wake get coffee...yummy! Sit outside..drink coffee! See picture, not the best but I had only been up for a couple of minute ( my hair isn't even brushed..don't tell!) I was taking in advantage of some quiet time, before we had the invasion of my children's friends. Now, don't get me wrong I love that my children want to have their friends over, however I think I am going to start charging them at the door for food....better yet their parents have to send them with food!! So anyway, it started out a couple of days before as "Mom can I have a couple of friends over?" Simple question.....bet right now you are thinking....more came than expected!! To a certain degree you would be right! I forgot that I had two more of my own that would soon ask if they could have "a" friend over ( I have yet to see "a" friend) So all in all we ended up with about 10 kids over to watch movies! Side note all of the kid where well behaved. Okay, when you have children over to watch movies....one must go get movies. Here is where the day took a turn for the worst. It is now late afternoon, I have survived meeting my daughters first boyfriend and he survived us. SO we are all off to go get movies (sorry me, Savannah, her boyfriend ...his name is Jerry and three other of Savannah's friend) We are in the parking lot of the video store heading in and learned a very valuable lesson. Look out for potholes. If one is ever to learn something from me please let it be this: If you shrink by four inches on one side rapidly, chances are you have fallen in a pothole and sprained your ankle. It hurts. I was caught between to moments of wanting to pass out from the pain and wanting to die because I know that I have five teenagers with me who cannot drive. As I was at home on bed rest-Doctors orders, or as my children put it...lucky to be at home and that I was not the one who had to go to school. I thought yes, I will count my blessings. And find a different move store!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Pretty new at this blogging stuff so I am sure it will get better with time. My life is a busy one but I wouldn't have it any other way. Life in the Hannon house....I would sum it up with the constant statement out of my mouth....."Where are my keys!!!". Patrick and I both work full time and I go to school part time. We have been blessed with wonderful healthy children who do well in school and are truly involved in just about everything. What one hasn't signed up for the other has. Which is why tonight I am working on a blog and not in bed getting my beauty rest! Savannah and Haile are at this years first high school football game. Savannah is one of the managers for the team and Haile is a cheerleader. Sara keeps us hopping as well. She is in honors band and starts tennis on Tuesday. I often wonder how we fit everything in! I say thank goodness for wireless Internet and laptops! I have a good feeling this year that my car will become my new office! It is amazing what you can get accomplished waiting for a game to start! As time rolls on I will add more pictures and keep everyone more informed of the Hannon Happenings! Stay tooned!